Baby dragon costume- The cutest, most useful costume!

When ever I design costumes for a play I always try to keep functionality in mind. If I am going to put money into a costume or ask others to put money into a costume I want it to be as useful as possible. That’s why when we needed four baby dragons and a mother dragon for our last play I decided hooded dragon towels would be the cutest most function able costume.

Versatile costumes are a must!

Two of our baby dragons in our play “A Quest for Good Manners” were also supposed to be damsels in distress. We had no place for costume changes so I needed something they could slip on and off while back stage. A dragon towel was perfect, but what to put under it? I built my daughter, (one of the baby dragons) a green medieval dress and she would just put her dragon towel on top. I loved how there were not to many parts to worry about. It worked great but it wasn’t quite there. Our baby dragon costumes where still missing something.

From just cute, to hilarious

Mother Dragon
From Cute to Hilarious!

Our mother dragon was also going to wear a dragon towel, but for an added touch her mother found her a pair of bright green footsie pj’s. They only had extra, extra large, so her mother filled it up with pillows. The effect was hilarious! She bounced around on stage dancing and singing her song. We decided that green pj’s on all the baby dragons would be great.

We quickly went to and bought 4 pairs of skinny  bright green pajama’s. All they had to do was put the medieval dress on top for the damsel in distress part. I also added some handles on the towels and they could swoop in on stage as though they were flying. It was so cute!!


DIY dragon costume

Baby Dragon
Dragon bath towel

I love to sew and at first I planed to build my own towels, all they take is a large towel and a hand towel, make a face on the little towel, and sew some orange spikes down the back. It seemed easy, but lucky for me, one of my drama students mother builds hooded towels for a business. She designed the faces, and sewed the main parts together, I finished up on the easier parts like handles, and over locking. There are plenty of tutorials on dragon towels, anyone who likes to sew could do it themselves.

Where to buy

I know most people aren’t nearly as lucky as me to have a talented mom around to sew cute little dragon towels. So I would suggest looking at places such as Etsy and search for dragon towels. They will definitely be more expensive but it’s worth it. I now have the cutest beach towels for this summer!

Costumes are a must

In a play you have to have costumes, they help the characters feel as though they are someone else. So you might as well opt for costumes that are versatile and if they can be used after it is even better. I always like to let my cast have a few of their costumes and props after, (if they where not to expensive). They love to have a piece of memorabilia to all the memories they made during the play. I have a theory that a costume is what helps people get into their character and builds tons of memories. What do you think? Anybody have some great memories of costumes?

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2 thoughts on “Baby dragon costume- The cutest, most useful costume!

  1. Wow- what a great website you have here! I just love the whole idea of drama(play) for our children.Do you think there is an appropriate age to start children engaging in this activity? Your costumes are wonderful and I think that My grandchildren would love them. Thank you for this wonderful idea!

    1. I think age is totally relative, because each child is so different. My last play the youngest I had where kindergarten, they where a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. That being said, if they learn to love acting in plays when they are young they like it, and are better actors and singers when they are older. I probably wouldn’t go younger then kindergarten unless it was only young children doing the play. Age gaps are kind of hard to work with.

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