Ion speaker review-sound for your classroom musical

I know ion speaker reviews are everywhere, but I don’t know if very many people have thought of how useful an ion speaker is for small plays. Especially when you are doing a play in your classroom or anywhere else that is not outfitted for theater. Ever since we bought our first ion speaker I have used it for every single play. They are awesome!

For this review I am not going to go into detail on each ion speaker, I feel like you get what you pay for, some are cheaper than others and may not last as long. What I want to do is help you to see how nice this is for playing the sound for small plays.

Small classroom musicals

I’ve used the ion speaker for two plays now. “Oh Those Harper Girls” we did all of our sound effects with it and it worked great. “A Quest For Good Manners” we just finished a month ago. It was Bad Wolf Press play that has tons of cute songs. We used the Bluetooth speaker for all of it.

Don’t over estimate its value! This will not work if you are trying to do a big play that has mics and live music. That is a whole other ball game, and yes you’ll have to shell out the big bucks for that, (or teach them to sing very loud!)

Cheap sound (kind of)

The blue tooth speaker has changed the sound system. Practically everyone has a smart phone these days and with blue tooth it makes it really easy to control the sound. At around $120-$200 from Amazon for an ion speaker that is not bad in comparison to any other sound system. Even a cheap CD player is $20!

This speaker is also very versatile, my children love to play music and sing to it, we’ve even used it for dances, and singing. It makes you feel better paying for it if you know you will use it a lot.

Mic input

The mic is not very useful for plays unless you have one person saying a part and they can’t talk loud enough. Even then, you would want to use a cordless mic which wouldn’t adapt to the blue tooth speaker anyway. However, it is very fun for karaoke!


The Bluetooth, I both love it and hate it. It’s been my best friend and my worst enemy! It’s amazing to be able to control the music from anywhere in the room. But on the other hand I’ve also had some bad experiences! It does have a button that disconnects the Bluetooth. In our last play we were on the last song, everything had gone great. Then one of the kids backstage pushed the Bluetooth button!

No Music. Nada. Nothing!

We panicked for a little second and then reconnected it. I guess all’s well that ends well, right? That however was nothing to do with the speaker. I just learned don’t put the speaker were people can touch it!

Power cord

The Ion speaker can be cordless and the specs say its charge should last for 50 hrs. I will warn you however, if it goes dead it warps the music and does all sorts of weird things. Our Ion speaker has been used so much the battery is pretty much shot. I just keep it plugged in the entire time I use it. Even if it was a new speaker I would probably keep it plugged in, just as a precaution.

Where to place speaker

These speakers can boom out a powerful lot of music. It is important that the children and the audience can hear the music. You also don’t’ want the audience over powered by the music. I’ve found that placing the music central to the back stage works about the best. Just try to keep it away from the children!

Just move the speaker around and see were it sounds the best. Try sitting in different places in the room and make sure no one has the music blaring in their ear. You will also want to keep in mind that when there is an audience the sound will not be as loud.


Where to buy

There are a lot of different Ion speakers that Amazon has to offer.  Personally I liked the Block Rocker for $159.99. But the Tailgaiter is only $119.99. Either one would work very well. If you have Amazon prime its even better because you have free two day shipping. Just click the links to take you straight to amazon. If you decide on a cheaper one that I don’t have listed be sure to check if it is Bluetooth capable and not just a speaker.

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2 thoughts on “Ion speaker review-sound for your classroom musical

  1. I haven’t heard of these speakers jet, I must say, I wasn’t looking for any really.
    It seems the price for an audio block has fallen down a lot since I bought mine last.
    That it is possible to fill a room with sound, full of people sounds great.
    Why doesn’t the cordless mic work though?

    1. You can plug a mic in and use it with the Bluetooth. But you can only connect one thing at a time with blue tooth. You could blue tooth a mic to it but not the music at the same time. One thing that might work is getting two speakers, one for a blue tooth mic and one for the music. Thanks for the comment and incite.
      Amanda Johnson

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