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Seize the day! “Newsies”, now a Broadway hit seems to be very popular these days. I thought I would put together a costume list for a newsboy. I tried to find the cheapest places to get the parts for this costume. A newsie costume is quite versatile and can be easily changed to different styles. Each boy will want to be slightly different. So you won’t need to buy one of everything. But you will at least need the basics, shirt, pants, shoes and hat.

News paper

Different characters will want to find something to make their character unique. For Specs, you would want to get some glasses. Crutchie would need a crutch. Each different newsboy needs something to identify them. And because more often than not it’s girls playing the newsboys vests work quite well for making everyone look more like boys and less like girls.

The Shirt

A knit pull over shirt with the sleeves rolled up gives a newsie tough look, although it looks better on boys. You can find them on amazon. But before you go spending $12 on a shirt, check the local thrift stores.

A regular men’s shirt tucked in preferably plaid or solid works well for girls. Roll up the sleeves and add a vest and it looks really boyish. The best place for these would be at a thrift store. No sense it in paying full price for a shirt that you want to look old anyway.

Newsboy hat

This hat makes the newsboy costume. Also, girls can easily pin their hair up inside, just don’t forget to also pin the hat securely to the head, other wise with all the dancing you’ll end up with no hat and hair spilling out! These are quite hard to find at a thrift store. You might get lucky and you might not. Amazon had the best prices and styles that I could find. Here are a couple to choose from.

Pants, or nickers

I found that nickers are quite hard to find for very cheap. I found some on Amazon, and I suppose you get what you pay for because they aren’t the best. However, a vest will cover up the elastic on the waist, and they have several different colors.There are also some more expensive nickers, but they are much better quality too.

Pants, or rather slacks, in either plaid or plain colors look very sharp too. These can be found at thrift stores as well. I wouldn’t really recommend getting them online because you never know how they will fit. Especially if it’s a girl trying to wear boys pants.


If you do decide to go with nickers you have to have the socks! Here are some knee-high socks that would match perfect!


I think they call these combat boots. Any ways they have become very popular lately. That means before you shell out $20 or $30 you better check the bargain centers. If you don’t find any don’t feel to bad, these boots are really cute and would be cute to wear after. There are so many styles that could work. But, here are some from Amazon that seemed the best priced.


Jack Kelly for sure needs a bandanna. As for the rest, you don’t want every one to look the same. Colored bandannas work really nice for identifying the different gangs. For instance red bandannas on the arms of all of Brooklyn helps to identify who they are. I found these packs of 12 bandannas on Amazon. They are cheaper in sets.


Vests work perfect for a news boy costume. They cover the top of the pants, in case they are elastic. Old fashioned vests look the best. I would definitely try a thrift store, but there’s a good chance you might not find what you need. Amazon has some really nice looking ones.


These are almost as much of the newsboy look as the hat. Besides, they help hold the pants up! You might find some of these at a second hand store. But they are pretty cheap on Amazon too.


These props really add to their character.

Racetrack’s deck of cards

Specs spectacles

newspaper bags 

These bags come in sets of 12 but if each news boy needs one this would be the way to go.

Jack Kelly hat-

The first one looks the most like a Jack Kelly hat, but the second one is cheaper.

Hope this helps

The News boy’s costume is pretty simple and easy to find. But if you can’t find anything else there’s always Amazon! Just don’t wait to long, because not all of these costumes are on 2 day prime. I do get a commission from most of these links, but it doesn’t raise your price at all. I think of it as a tip for doing some research and price matching for you. I hope it helps. Even if it doesn’t, it may give you some inspiration for putting together your own newsboy costume.

If this helps you please let me know in the comments. I would like to do more for different costumes if it is helpful. Let me know what you think and if I missed something.


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  1. Wow! I see that you have put a lot of research into a newsboy costume. If I ever need to find a Newsie costume, I will certainly know where to look.

  2. This costume looks stunning haha! I haven’t seen these types of costumes since I watched little house on the prairie. This is a really great article and he is looking so clean in this picture! Could I make a suggestion? When are you getting a logo? This site could really use a nice logo.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, it does look just like Little House on the Prairie! As for a logo, that is something on my to do list. I should probably put it at the top! 

  3. I agree with the post for getting a logo. You have put so much into this site, a logo needs to get out there! I am a director as well and I would love to come to this site when I am looking for costumes ideas. Sometimes, the hard part is just trying to easily find the costume you need! I can’t wait until you get more costume ideas up.

    1. Yes, I’m trying to figure out a logo, but it may have to wait until there is a little revenue! ha ha
      I’m glad you like the costume, is there any other specific costume you would like me to research?

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