Where to find the best drama scripts for your students

I know it’s hard to find the perfect script, been there done that. All the pricing and comparing is quite exhausting. I’m hoping to help ease that burden a little by making a list of where you can find the best drama scripts online. I’m constantly finding new places so this post will be a fluid post and I will update it as I find more.

My favorite for kids and classrooms


My mom got me into these plays. They are funny and usually teach something along with the story. We just did their play A quest for Good Manners in our green house, I loved it. It taught all about good manners, and had cute, catchy songs.
Pros- They are built specially for regular teachers. No prior drama experience is required! They really know their stuff and send everything you need to put on a good show for parents and families who just want to watch their kids perform.

Cons- These plays do not have a lot of depth. The songs are really cute, but it kind of seems that the songs in all of their plays are very similar.

Price- I really love how they cater to schools and low budget theater groups. All of their plays are $45 for print or digital and $10 dollars more to get both print and digital. Plus you get a better deal the more you buy. These plays are all royalty free. Great choice.


Pioneer Drama

I also really like Pioneer Drama Service. They have a huge selection and a great search tool that lets you narrow down to exactly what you want. I’ve personally only done three of their plays, Stone Soup, Taming of Larue and I helped with Million Dollar Meatballs. All where creative and fun.

Pros- Pioneer Drama a much larger selection then Bad Wolf Press. They have both musical and non-musical, drama, comedy, and melodrama and scripts for every cast size. They also cater to schools and community theater groups. You can also order a single script to see if you would like to put on the play.

Cons- For over all ease to put on the scripts are slightly harder to understand for staging and music. At least in comparison to Bad Wolf Press.

Pricing- Prices differ depending on the size of the play. But generally you are required to buy a script for each cast member, these range from $5.50 to $7.50. If you are doing a musical you will also need the production/rehearsal CD set, this is around $75.00.

Royalties are $95.00 per performance.

Then there is the director’s book you can get for $20.00- $25.00. If the play has music it is generally around $25.00 for the piano score and $10.00 for the vocal score.

Have Scripts and Blue Moon Plays

Have Scripts and Blue Moon Plays offer plays for everything from school classroom to professional theater. Their plays are provocative, intended to make people think. You can by a single script to decide if you want to do the play. If you decide you like the play they offer you can either buy their class pack or individual scripts for each cast and tech member. There is also a performance fee for each time you perform. Prices differ from play to play.

pros- They offer plays that are different then what you will find any where else. Prices are decided differently depending on who is putting it on. So be sure to check if there is a discount for your particular circumstance.

Cons– The pricing is somewhat hard to understand. Because it is all dependent on the size of script.


Samuel French

I’ve personally never done a play from them, although I would love to someday put on their play Shenandoah. They are geared more towards larger productions and professionals.

Pros- They have a section that has plays that have been modified for teens. This comes in a kit that has scripts, director’s book, piano and vocal, choreography pack and a digital package.

Cons– I have no idea how much it costs. You have to actually be getting the package to find out. This makes me think that it is probably not cheap. If you decide to put on one of their plays be sure to understand what you can and can’t do with the script.

In my opinion, this would probably not be the best route to go, unless you are lookl ing for more professional plays. You get what you pay for I’m sure.


Play Scripts Inc. is another site you can buy scripts from. I personally have never used any of their scripts. But they do have a very large selection of plays.

Pros- They have lots of plays over 2,000. They also have large script samples online to read before you buy. Their pricing system is not too hard to understand.

Cons- You can’t just see what price a script is. They are not very lenient in allowing changes to the script. You must obtain permission before you begin auditions. They do not allow posting of videos online, even with a video license.

Pricing- Pricing is kind of hard to find unless you are actually buying the rights to do the play. But what I found is this $9.99 per script, you must have one for each cast member, and $80.00 per performance or 8% to 12% box office earnings, which ever is higher.


Stageplays.com is another online script site. I’ve never personally bought from them, I barely found them. But so far I really like what I’ve found. They don’t just have scripts, they have everything from, makeup, and props to theater how to books.

Pros- They seem to have a little of everything, and for very good prices. Perfect for directors like me who are trying to put on productions with low costs, for free.

Cons- They are quite hard to search through the scripts. They have so many and no way to narrow you are search down. Some plays are royalty free and others are not, you have to check each play and see what it says. You would definitely not want to be stepping on someone’s copyright.

Price- Their pricing seems to be per script and I could find no minimum script requirement. Prices range from $8.00 to around $20.00. With musicals the music is sold separately, but still for around $8.00 to $20.00.

Art Drama Scripts

I just found this website, so I’ve never actually put on any of their plays. That being said, the plays look really cute, and not to expensive.

Pros- These plays have one fee, for the script and rights to perform 3 times in 4 years, and you can do all the videoing you want as long as it’s not commercial!

Cons- haven’t really found any… yet! But I will update if I do find things I don’t really like. Also if anyone has had experience, good or bad let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out.

Price- The pricing here is decided by the size of the play, but for an example Romeo and Juliet, a modern version it is $35 for the script, right to copy scripts for the cast and the performance rights to perform 3 times in four years. That’s a dang good deal! Smaller plays, are around $10. That is seriously the perusal price for other publishers! Also just so you know, this isn’t an affiliate program, so I’m not just saying this good stuff for a commission, not that I’d do that anyway.

Here are a few other website that I haven’t dealt with but may have what you are looking for.

Plays Magazine

I just found this website that sales plays. They do it a little differently, they sale a yearly subscription and then you have access to all of their plays in the past and new ones besides.

Price-$59.00 per year

Drama by George

Many of these plays are short plays, meant to help teach a lesson.

Price- Prices range from $20- $50 (these are just the ones I looked at) this price also includes the rights to copy and perform.

Music Theater International

Dramatic Publishing

Roger and Hammerstein

Lazy Bee Scripts

Drama Source



Theatre Folk

Youth Plays


That is about all I have for now, but I plan to update as I find more scripts sites. If anyone has comments, questions or knows of any other great script sites please let me know in the comments.





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  1. Hi Amanda. I really found this article interesting. I am not at all into drama, but I still found some interesting points. I really like the layout of your website too!

  2. This is very eye opening and I am glad I came across your website as I’ve learnt something new today regarding the entertainment industry.

    This is something I would never of thought of and did not realise what goes on behind the scenes.

    I think it a good idea for you to show where to find the best drama scripts for your students.

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